April 14, 2021

27 Years Today ….


Red RosesMy Wife and I got Married… we have had great times and not so great times…. but we did not quit.

It would be really easy to abandon what you set out to do, blaming everyone except yourself, circumstance, disaster, The economy the Chancellor any one except me!

I guess Making those sort of commiments is some thing you do when you either

A) have no other choice


B) You Bloody well mean it!


Well 27 years ago we meant it

Making a commitment, in any sphere of life, takes guts, if you are going to see it through!

Any one can say I'll do That, but how many times have you heard people say I'll do that, even invest a couple of grand into a business opportunity, more to invest in education, and say I'll do that, and then you watch as they make loads of smoke, and noise, but do absolutely nothing!

Even within systemised, structured, turn key franchises, or internet business. They do not do what it takes.

Making A Commitment – Just See It Through

making a commitmentI see this so often, and I wonder why it is that people fail to live up to that initial enthusiasm, why their commitment is not, what it should be, why they fall short, not failing me or any one other than themselves.

Making A Commitment Is Easy- Sticking To It Takes Guts!

Guts to get on and change habits is tough, and habits are what make us who we are, it is the habits of our old ways that undermine or new commitment.If we don't overcome them we are doomed to failure. We then rationalize our failure away by blaming the opportunity, the wife of  choice, whatever…( why does wife come in there?)

Well I am celebrating 27 years of marriage today,

I saw a post on Face book it went

I think of marriage in the same way I think of business,
It has to be Fun, but its not a game,
It Has Hi's & Lows, but you have to stick with it,
Having made a commitment, you only truly reap benefits by seeing it through.

The benefits far outweigh any small bumps in the road.
Oh and absolutely nothing happens if you aren't excited!
I can tell you that the last 27 years have had ups, downs, good points and some low points.
The point is, as in business, we made a commitment to each other, through thick and thin, sickness and health, etc.
Now I know in these modern times ( well not a new thing Henry VIII !) It is extremely easy to get out of a marriage, to find an excuse, to divorce yourself from your commitment.
What a crock.
You Then hear the two parties slag each other of,
He was mean, she didn't do things how I like them.
For pity's sake these people choose each other! What changed? why has the opportunity to stay happy vanished?
Probably lack of commitment to each other, but more so to the marriage itself, the bumps in the road overcome the ideal, the tough times drag people down so they quit.
You made a choice, the person you started off loving, who you would move heaven and earth for didn't change, possibly their opinion of YOU changed when you failed to do what you said you would… but other than that they are the same person.
It is the same with an internet business.

Make A Commitment To Your Internet Business

First,you have a dream, A vision of where you want to get, you know it is going to be tough, you appreciate how hard it is going to get, but you feel capable of doing what it takes, ( you are by the way!)Then one little hiccough, and your faith is blown. Faith, that fragile little bird held in your hands, so easily crushed, and so easily tossed away.
Look You checked out your opportunity,  Be it the SFM or any other, McDonalds, KFC, Body Shop,all legitimate turn key franchises, and whatever you saw in the beginning is still there, you just overlooked the challenges, and thought you could cheat the work and magically get to the top of the heap.
It Don't work like that, in marriage or business… sorry.

Making A Commitment Also Involves Taking Responsibility

But when people quit, they will slate the business opportunity, why? because if they do not blame the internet business  then the only other option is to say “I failed” and take responsibility.
People who quit, I have found, rarely take responsibility, it kind of goes with the territory.
Also the quitters are noisy, the successful people who invest in education and themselves, just keep their heads down and grind it out!
Remarkably even in the marketing world you don't hear from highly successful people, about the challenges, they just make sitting on a beach look easy.
Well, if you like, this is the blog that tells you exactly where the rubber meets the road.
Making a commitment, means that you stick it out no matter how many times you fail.
Failure is the best thing out there it proves you are getting through the no's, don't worry about the no's the nay sayers, NEXT, is the only word you need, have fun, be happy… NEXT
By making a commitment, to yourself , to just see it through the end, get it done, you are taking away a major obstacle in your journey.
If You burn all bridges , you can only go forward, if you have no escape plan you have to succeed.
Burn Your Bridges, Take away the Quit Button, and just make a commitment


To Just get it done.
You Know when you get to that point, and you actually do commit, then things really start to happen.
I have seen it here, I have certainly seen it in Amway.
We used to ask how long it took to go direct, ( A level in Amway that is the first step to wealth 21%) The answer was 90 days!
Now imagine giving that answer to a couple who had been at 6% for 5 years!
Attending all the opens, buying all the tools, buying all the products, ( They were probably only at 6% because they bought the pans!)
The thing is 90 days is true. From the day they truly commit, and just do what is needed, whatever is needed, 90 days!
Exactly the same in the SFM , how long from starting to getting your first sale and then carrying on with regular sales? 12 weeks.
Again I can hear stunned cries of “Never” or “I've been in this for 2 years, I ain't sold squat”
Look Just because you are “IN” doesn't mean that the Business is in you, have you really committed?
Have you stood in front of a mirror, and calmly, honestly told yourself, It shall be done, or, as with so many, are you scared of failure, scared of the risk that it isn't as good as your first thought, so you don't do anything, except turn up at meetings and enjoy the environment.
I've been there, I have sat through so many “Free Enterprise Days” Crying, sobbing my heart out, not sad just terrified, terrified that if I fall over I may not be able to get back up.
Here you are in a very strange environment, we are all in this together,
Let me make it simple.

Making A Commitment To You

  • I Promise, to be here to help you get back up when you fall down.
  • I will be here to help when things get tough,
  • I will find the answers when things go wrong.

I Also Promise ,

  • You will learn, how to do this for yourself, ( I will not do it all for you!)
  • You will learn how to help others, and by making a true commitment,
  • you will succeed.
You have to make that decision, getting in is easy, seeing it through is the challenge.
Watch this  webinar with Stuart Ross.
He & I really believe you can do this….we know this works!
The Big Question, is do you?Invest In educationStuart and I would love to welcome you at our next momentum day.
You Just Missed Australia, So London In March?
Just Make That Commitment!

Take Care


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I Will Match Your Pace Till You are Up and Running

Invest In Your Education, This should form a commitment to yourself to build your internet business



  1. Congratulations, Steve! Great post! I love your image about commitment. Great job!