June 19, 2021

7 Myths That Stop The Over 50’s Building a Digital Life

boomers on beachSo, You are over 50, you have a good job, your life is balanced as far as you can make it so…

On the Mr Macawber scale of:-

Income = £20  Expenditure = £19/6d Happy…..

You are Happy even though expenditure might well squeak up to £19/11pence ha'penny… and on some months even £20.00, but yes just about happy…

You have even put aside some savings. You have a few thousand in Premium bonds as that chap on the radio said the returns are better than the banks right now. ( Although in 4 years you have had one prize of £30 so you are not yet convinced)

Your eldest Daughter is in a strong steady relationship, and although you really want to do the right thing, you are secretly hoping that she rejects the traditional marriage and would rather live in sin…

In fact she has told you this on several occasions, and although you snort derisively, muttering darkly about modern youth and deplorable behaviour… inside you are so relieved that you have sired a hippy, and would secretly rather give her your savings to put on a house than “waste” the money on a big wedding!

You hate yourself for these thoughts…and Would like to Increase your income, to have the disposable income, To Be able to send your Daughter off in style


bride2You have seen all the adds on Face book and the internet in general, saying achieve all your dreams, earn money from home, get money plug this in here and watch the money pour out… You would love to be able to get into this Digital Gold Rush but you have these nagging doubts in the back of your mind

7 Myths That stop The Over 50's building a Digital Life – Myth 1

I Don't Have The Skills … This is a big one, it certainly held me back. The sum total of my on line experience or even computer skill was  based around A Radio Soap Opera called The Archers, I used to enjoy passing comment about the show on the on line discussion forum, and had a lovely time wittering on about the Dan and Doris years. I spent hours in there… But I really believed that I could not use a computer…

Even in that discussion forum I had the skills needed to run an online business…

I was just fire gazing truth be told, just passing the time. I met like minded people, with shared or common interests. and had some fun…

If You can do that then you will be able to run a good online business. Basically if you can turn a computer on, start a web browser ( go online and look for something on Google is enough) may be do some online shopping, if you can do that ,

Then Seriously …

You have the skills needed to start an internet business… There are more skills needed along the way, but if you find an opportunity that has a good training within it, then you can learn the skills that are needed.

7 Myths That stop The Over 50's building a Digital Life – Myth 2

I Am Too Old  ….  I Definitely relate to this, I was convinced that Digital or On Line Marketing was for the Youngsters. Kids who have lived with technology, all their lives, who understand what all the terms mean and how to use xpresswurdtork… or txtspk..

Wrong … How wrong could I be, do you know These Youngsters may be tech savvy, but they lack so many of the communication skills we take for granted. An On line business is no different from a traditional Bricks & Mortar Business. You have to be able to communicate with your customers, and your communication and people skills are so much more difficult to teach … honestly we can train monkeys to press buttons, and install code, but people need people to inter-react with.

People need to have the re-assurance of contact. People ( probably like you) need more than a glitzy email, and snazzy picture to help them with decisions, and this is where we win hands down. We have the life experiences that allow us to communicate

7 Myths That stop The Over 50's building a Digital Life – Myth 3

No One Would Listen To Me    …. Oh how I agonised about this… who on earth would listen to me, then I looked around at the people I was listening to. Where they any different to me? Yes, they had been in front of the training a while longer, and they had the confidence to move on… but other than time and work was there any real difference, did they have 3 eyes or an extra head, of course not. But they were prepared to put them selves out there, and stand up and be counted.

I asked several people how they got the confidence, every one said the same thing, after the training which was always the reason how people did what they do. The single most important reason these people were able to do what looked almost impossible to me, was the need.

These people who were there standing up and sharing their information with me,  had a need to achieve so great, that it out weighed any other factor.

I did not understand this at the time, I knew I wanted some extra cash, to make sure my wife was secure in her old age, ( Our pension provision had been obliterated by the banking crisis) I would like to able to put my foot down and give my daughters the send off I would like but cannot afford… when I started trusting the people I was working with, I started daring to believe I could achieve some of these things for myself… and when I dared to believe, suddenly I Had To Find Out How.

On Finding out How… I suddenly found my voice… what I failed to truly grasp though was How few People I really needed to talk to to establish my business, and therefore my credibility… Your Target audience is actually very narrow, and basically stems around the people you would like to get to know in real life. People with similar backgrounds and that you can relate to…

Do Not for a minute think that you need to go round canvassing your friends as in the old Multi Level Marketing Opportunities. This is as far from a tupperware party as it is possible to get and stay on this planet …  But in effect you will be dealing with like minded people who have similar ambitions needs and wants as you do yourself.

Establish your Reason Why, and everything else will fall into Place

7 Myths That Stop The Over 50's Building a Digital Life – Myth 4

 I can't afford it!

That was me, I couldn't, I could not afford to pay attention, yes I was working, Yes I was at The Mr Macawber state of happiness… but everything was acutely balanced, we knew that one step out of line, or one incident where by I could not work and we were in trouble, the whole house of cards would tumble…well it happened…

My Left shoulder was badly damaged over a sustained period of time at work. I needed surgery , and I needed recovery time. Suddenly through no fault of our own, We had gone from  income = £20 expenditure =£19/6d Happiness…. To

 Income = £20 expenditure =£20/6d Misery…

Now I had been looking before hand, I knew what was required, I had been involved in an MLM business in the past, I knew I had the need to build something for my self, that would withstand the banks, personal injury, what ever. Anything that life can and will throw at you, just when things are supposed to be at their rosiest… you know that feeling ? Just when everything is going really well… life comes along and just throws weeds into your garden.

Well I found that I could either sit there and take it, or actually make a very determined effort to take charge of my own destiny, once and for all… we found the cash, we bent the rules slightly , and borrowed a little, we also invested our savings… lets be honest they wouldn't have paid for the wedding, so we may as well go for it… ( weddings really matter to me can you tell?)

After a lot of careful research we invested in the Six Figure Mentors... or actually to be precise we invested very much into ourselves… and bought a complete package of training, and marketing tools. Were we nervous?

Yes of course we were, but we knew we could duplicate some one else's pattern, and we knew that if we had to work hard we could do that…

So we went for it … all in … and boy I am glad we did… Our future suddenly looks a whole lot less bleak…

7 Myths That Stop The Over 50's Building a Digital Life – Myth 5

We are too late all the money has gone….

Understandable, if we were talking about stocks and shares I could agree, but we are talking about enabling entrepreneurs, to find their own way. The Opportunities in the market place are huge, we haven't even started really, The On Line space is just about ready to start growing, On line promotion of every day items, is beginning to be noticed Yes the high street is starting to be affected by on line giants, but as the high street was once full of small local Business's that had a “Way of Dealing with Customers personal needs”, So in the next 15 / 20 years will the internet.

I am sure you will have been in a situation in life when friends or colleagues will say to you … Oh You should have been here at the start, you should have been here in the hay days… well the Hay Days have not started yet… so do not think you have missed it … there is still a lot of this pie in the oven not even sliced yet ….

7 Myths That Stop The Over 50's Building a Digital Life – Myth 6

It's all a Scam …. Wow… how to deal with this one   Please On No account take my word for any of this, A fool and his money and all that, Please take your time. DO SOME RESEARCH, due diligence, call it what you will…

From my own experience every “Make Money On Line Business Opportunity ” Works… in one way shape or form, what you have to do is match your expectation to realistic outcomes….If You Honestly expect to be able to “invest” $19.99 into a get money widget, and then go on holiday, well honestly… you deserve everything you get … ie NOTHING… please save your Dollars … or better still buy a lottery ticket, you will stand more chance of making it big.

I do not know what you do for a Job Right Now, or wether you already own a business that you are looking to enhance with some quality marketing… but Let me ask you … how much training did you undertake to get to the place you are at now?

I bet it was more than $20 in a box and then walk away… You will have had to go to school , college, university Even… then On The Job Training, an apprenticeship, continuing education… why then do people have such unrealistic expectations of the internet?

You have to work, you have to learn, and you have to apply the newly learned skills. You can use the internet to leverage your time, and get the power of duplication working for you, but You have to work! 

The thing is, if you acknowledge this to start with, and are prepared to put the effort in, Then you will succeed.

A lot of my internet marketing colleagues, are afraid to tell people this, they want you to believe the get money fast get money with no effort BS… but that is what it is BS… sorry, but no where does money come with out effort.

No where on this planet does the term get money apply even when you go to the cash machine, you have had to do something to put the money in the account in the first place… you do not Just Get Money… and when people stop thinking it is possible so many more people will actually look at the online space with realistic expectations, understand that some effort will be required, some consistent effort will need to be applied…

Just understand this, but also understand that the pay days will be completely unrealistic to where you are now, because you Can Leverage your Time , you can sever the connect between time and money for ever… No Longer will your reward be in respect to the number of hours you invest, but will be in respect to the number of people you help…


7 Myths That Stop The Over 50's Building a Digital Life – Myth 7

I have too much to lose …   Again I understand this perspective I was very much standing where you are now… I was comfortable. I was working hard, minding my own business, I was in that state of balance… I did not want to risk losing what I had by going outside my comfort zone… This is why as part of your due diligence I really do suggest that your look at the Six Figure Mentors, there are three ways to take a test drive, all with a money back guarantee.


This application gives you very quick access to real people who are trained to answer questions honestly and accurately.

They will assess your needs and tell you honestly what your expectations should be, and as to wether you would be a good fit within the business.

It may surprise you but we do reject a good many of the applications. Because so many people come in with the wrong attitude, looking for something for nothing…

My advice here is look and learn, take advantage of the free training that comes with the application, get involved and see what you could achieve…and this way you will risk nothing, and possibly gain a whole new future…

That is something I firmly believe, I have been around the internet marketing space for a long time now, I can tell the difference between a quick buck Fizz Bang, and a genuine Business Opportunity…

I Only Recommend the SFM as they are,  the only opportunity that gives the New Person everything needed to go from Rookie to Expert in a realistic time frame… what is the time frame?

Well depending upon the money you can invest and the time your are prepared to spend… 6 to 24 months, will see you in, learning, and profitable. Minimum is $150-300 dollars a month and 10 hours a week, and 500 – 1000 a month and 20 hours a week.

Within these parameters you will see results and make a significant change to your life and the lives of your loved ones going forward…

If You Have any other questions that have not been addressed ( Many and varied I Imagine.) Then make yourself an appointment for a chat here

If You would like some more information Then Please complete the web form in the side bar over there,

 this will start a flow of emails showing you how we make money online, and is the start to your training…

these first 7 videos ( The are known as a bootcamp series by our american cousins.) are normally valued at $497.00 but I am happy for you take them for free at no obligation, just to see if there is something here you relate to…

I look forward to getting to know you in the future…

Take Care



I Will Match Your Pace Till You are Up and Running



  1. Hey Steve, Myth 3, No One Would Listen To Me…. well I know that is the biggest myth! I have listened to every word of advice and encouragement you have shared!! 🙂

  2. Excellent blog Steve, that’s what I love about the SFM – people get the opportunity to find out what it’s all about first and the application process means no-one ends up involved in something they’re not suited to.

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Thank you Chris, That transparency is the most vital element for me, without it, I doubt I would have joined… 😉

  3. The 7 myths are all self imposed limits that you place on yourself. Yes they are sometimes take a lot of work to overcome those limits.

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      They are Robbie, if we are brave enough to admit that… a lot of people actually believe that these limiting things are actually imposed on us by society … and we accept those societal judgements with out question… and yet it is our own belief in ourselves that will eventually set us free

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments much appreciated