November 27, 2021

About Me

Hi there, welcome to my site. If you are anything like me you are here to look me in the eye! Do I measure up? I know that was what I was looking for when I first started working with people on-line… I wanted to get to know who I was working with… Could I trust them? It is very easy for people to make huge claims on-line, and never back those claims up… and certainly before you make any decision to work with me, I urge you to check me out. We can make an appointment, and discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve…. in the meantime get to know a little more about me here, so that you can relate to the person who is going to be emailing you in the future.

The Hard Working Family Man With Big Dreams

I have been married for over 25 years and have four great children. I have always put family first. However in the search for income to pay the bills that go along with four children, I have worked long hours away from home in a variety of industries. Hospitality,construction, transport and distribution, all labour intensive, all exchanging time for money. I tried to break out of this cycle in the 1980's, by setting up a shop-fitting firm, but I was out of my depth. Ignorant of contracting law, I ended up working even harder,spending less time with my family, who had lots of toys, but little quality of life. My stress levels were sky high, and I eventually succumbed to this and we went bankrupt.

The Long Recovery

I have spent the intervening years working traditional jobs. I went back to my roots, in that when I was at school I knew exactly what I wanted to do, be a diesel fitter for Scania. I had organised an apprenticeship, with a view to getting my HGV Qualifications and having a fleet of trucks of my own…That dream was casually shattered by school careers counselling, and a very protective father who really had ideas about how he wanted his child to be…

Eventually I followed my heart, paid for my HGV Qualifications, and since then I have been involved with transport and logistics within the scientific and petrochemical sector.

Regular work, steady Income, routine…. I became lazy. I was just comfortable enough, to keep going back every Monday morning….In a rut I suppose, comfortable, no challenge, just 70 hours a week home to work, work to home… and you know what a rut is? … a grave with the ends kicked out. It was as though my brain had switched off and we were just waiting for my body to catch up.

I knew somewhere there had to be more to life, that is why I looked to digital marketing.

I have always been looking to set up a business of my own to give me control over my own destiny, and my finances, The recent pensions crisis crystallised my focus. My average retirement pot suddenly took on a different look. I needed to get to work and start building some additional income streams, and long time security.

The Truck Driver Comes To The Internet

Yes I was driving a truck for a living when I started my internet business. Technically inept, but with a huge reason why. I had seen internet business ‘opportunities', you know the thing, put money in here, get millions out later, no work required, all done for you… frankly, scams. I was wary of the environment, I knew that anything worth having would take work, and that get rich quick was a myth. I was determined that anything I did, had to have long term security.

My research gave me the confidence that building financial security was not only possible for specially talented people, but that actually, people like me, following specific steps, could realistically achieve those same results.

Over the past 23 months I have worked with some of the most successful on-line marketers,not only creating financial security for myself but also many of my students.

I do not necessarily think I have arrived by a long chalk, however my wife and I are now very secure in our future, and the best part is we are helping others to achieve that same peace of mind and financial security.

Your first step is to add your name and email address in the box to the right, and you will get instant access to a series videos, or if you prefer to connect with me in person, which is always my preferred approach, please feel free to use the contacts form on this site.

Take Care