November 27, 2021

The Nearly Man – No More

The Nearly Man? So close, but NO Cigar, have you, like me, worked your ass off, trained,fought tooth and nail, to get to the winners circle, covered in the grime of the fight, the sweat stains on your back, the streaks of blood trickling down your face, as the battle scars start to congeal.

Then on the final approach to victory,  out of no where some squall blows up and knocks you off course literally in the last 100 metres?

The Nearly Man

You flounder in the water, surrounded by broken dreams, whilst the fleet of boats that you were leading, confidently, with that unassailable lead, sails over the top of you, and you thrash around in the water, slowly recovering to a crap 7th overall …. The Nearly Man strikes …. In Business, In Sport, In Life…Nearly a winner, Nearly successful, Nearly, So Damned Close but never quite making it! [Read more…]

What Do We Do NOW?

couple on sofaThose are the  exact words, that came from my wife…. What do we do now?

It was the day our youngest son, Max, passed his driving test.

He drove, when it was time for him and his sister to go to work. They both have part time jobs at a local Gastro Pub…

( Why they can't just be pubs anymore? I don't know!)

For the past 25 years, since Tom had been born ( Our eldest son) we have been completely focused on their upbringing. [Read more…]

test 1

Outsourcing Wow – Never Done That!

pay off a mortgage earlyOutsourcing? In My Internet Business?

No Chance …Thats what I thought when I heard Stuart Ross advise me to try outsourcing … outsource what I couldn't do in the early days of my SFM Training. I was a bit tough to get through to in the beginning… look if you can leverage your time you can pay of a mortgage early… would that not be worth it? [Read more…]


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More From Sydney – And A Canadian

sfmdownunderSo a few more insights into the final part of SFM/DEA Down Under….

6 really great people sharing their views about the whole event and The Platinum Workshop in particular.

The last video From Jay Kubassek is a very telling reflection on the group itself, and the bonds of trust and friendship created in the last few days…. [Read more…]

Digital Experts Academy – Platinum Reflections & Perceptions

Platinum BrandingAs with the earlier parts of the whole Down Under Experience I have been grabbing people during the  Platinum training, to get their take aways….

I really want you to take notice of some of the comments here …

Yes about value for money, But so much more about outcomes…

Did we walk away with a templated website? No! But we each came away understanding our actual value, and what we have to offer the world. [Read more…]

More From Sydney And A Miami Advice

Manly Beach NSWI have two more Gold Interviews today, and then a special Black insite From Shaun and Kelly Hodgson

I just want you all to know that the feelings from Gold carry on, and that the feeling of community is at the very heart of what Stuart and Jay are doing here.


Why would you not want to work Here  ========================> [Read more…]

More Nuggets From #Gold Down Under

Complete Your Application HereA few more quick takes with peoples perspective from The Digital Experts Academy Gold Training Workshop.

The People in these videos were completely unprepared for the question, and for many it was their first time on video….

Their perspectives are an incredible validation of the events and the choices that they have made . [Read more…]

Get To Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

Increase Your CashflowWhen I first went into business for myself, the importance of reading to improve my mindset was hammered into me… When ever I was with any one, mentor or coach…

Their first question was always … what are you reading this week?

They knew if you want to make money on line, to increase your cash flow, then mindset is crucial.

If you are serious, about building a business, you have to build people first.

You will only be able to do that if you have an array of tools at your fingertips, that you know intimately. [Read more…]

Faith In Human Nature – Restored

hand upWell confirmed more than restored… I had one of those silly forgetful days today, it doesn't happen often, but today it did.

I had a great skype call with Anna, and we got lots sorted.

I was then frustrated with connection problems and so went out to buy an Opal Card ( travel pass in Sydney ) so I could go up to Bondi Junction to do some shopping in the big Westfield Centre there ( Boy, it is Big!) I just needed a few bits and bobs of clothes and other stuff … look that really doesn't matter… [Read more…]