April 14, 2021

Making Changes – Six Easy Steps to Lasting Change

125x125_4I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction …

and the idea that what you think about most, what you really focus on, is what you get.

Or to quote someone much wiser than I,

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” (Norman Vincent Peale) [Read more…]

That Fatal Mistake

That Fatal Mistake? Not sticking to your routine… I have my daily routine really well established, and I stick to it rigidly … ( well normally)

Briefly it is something like this…

up at 05.00, glass of water 15 minutes easy rowing on the machine, just to wake up and get going.

Turn on computer and go to Dashboard and create New Blog.

Circulate that blog and post around all relevant sites.

Every Third day, post via Viral Url

Set up 1 free local Add

Check all banner add campaigns.

and Last, Go to inbox, and check face book… now bear in mind I go to face book to distribute the blog and the Red flags saying Look at me are often tempting… but I know if I go and open them the other stuff wont get done as I have to go to work at 8.00

So for some reason This morning I veered off track, went straight to the Six Figure Mentors – Community answered a couple of questions, swerved off to my Gmail account and then its 07.55 and here I am struggling to write this… no breakfast, not dressed… ARghhhhhhh

Where has all that time gone… Oh I've been busy… Oh Yes…. I have opened some emails … I have set up a couple of traffic building site accounts, ( I think…) managed to NOT spend any money, well 10 bucks on a 1000 random emails… and nearly spent a whole lot more on list builders are us various… without any diligent research…. just sucked in down the screen with no thought care or anything…. Traffic zipper looks great… but you have to be a member of at least 5 sites like Viral URL, there are no guarantees… and you could spend thousands joining the same persons list 5 or 6 times….

And where did all the time go….


I'll catch up later


Just remember are habits form us and we all need to form good habits!

mass distraction

No wonder they call it distraction Marketing!







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