September 16, 2021

Faith In Human Nature – Restored

hand upWell confirmed more than restored… I had one of those silly forgetful days today, it doesn't happen often, but today it did.

I had a great skype call with Anna, and we got lots sorted.

I was then frustrated with connection problems and so went out to buy an Opal Card ( travel pass in Sydney ) so I could go up to Bondi Junction to do some shopping in the big Westfield Centre there ( Boy, it is Big!) I just needed a few bits and bobs of clothes and other stuff … look that really doesn't matter… [Read more…]

Do Not Let Your Habits Imprison You

wild horsesSssshhh No sudden movements you may scare them away, …

Let your habits creep up on you, don't take them by surprise.

Nice and easy change one thing at a time, don't over complicate the job and you will be the new you.

The you, YOU deserve to be…set good habits.

“What is he talking about today Martha?…”

Internet Marketing – Like Any Business, Needs The Discipline Of Good Habits [Read more…]