April 14, 2021

Are You Compliant?

Sounds awful doesn't it, as though you have to be subsumed by “The Borg”…

But it really isn't like that at all … compliance is playing by the rules… doing your own thing without hurting anyone else…

Why would you want to be any other way?

White Hat or Black Hat?

I did not understand that term when I first heard it… Black hat white hat, what the hell?

Well for those like me that had never heard the expression before,

White hat means playing by the rules, and black hat means the exact opposite.

Lets take Google as an example… Google has strict rules for people who want to promote their offer on their network, or in their search results. There are specific things that you are allowed to do to help get your offer “noticed” by The Google search engines, and there are certain things that are NOT allowed. Or Cheats …

Now if Google catches you, they will warn you.

Black Hat

If You are Black hat, you will carry on trying to cheat, to save money or to get what you want more quickly… and Guess what … Google will catch you, and possibly warn you again, or just terminate your ads account, and worse de-index the site with your offer on so it will never be found by their search engines again.


The Black Hatters spend huge amounts of time working out how to bend the rules, break the rules without being detected, and re-building offer sites that have been sandboxed ( Put in the naughty corner)

The White Hat Approach

Well obviously it is the exact opposite, the white hat way is reading the rules, playing along, and doing the work required by the platform in question, be that Facebook, Google who ever… Sometimes it seems harder to work out the rules and just what is being asked for, either way YOU need to Understand the rules.

So why not get it right?

So SFM / DEA Compliance

As an affiliate of the SFM And The DEA ( The Six Figure Mentors, and The Digital Experts Academy ) we are required to play by their rules.

The Rules are all laid out in the back office… But in a Nutshell…

#1 Do Not make false claims

#2 Do Not damage the companies reputation

Both The SFM and DEA, have to be seen to actively police what their affiliates do in the market place, as they are responsible for anything done in their name…So we could do huge damage by making un-real and unsubstantiated claims regarding income potential, wrk required to achieve results etc etc .

Personally speaking I have always tried to transparent, my thought is I want to work with people who know like and trust me, and who we can have fun with…

If I have lied to them in encouraging them to join our team They will never Know Like and Trust me ever again… hardly the basis for a sound on going relationship!

The Rules Protect Us All

Now the rules are obviously more detailed than I have described, but I see no point in reproducing them here … when you in the sign up process you should make sure you read and understand what is required, and when you are getting started go through them again…

These are rules that are effectively there to protect us all from the odd bad apple who wants to come in and make a quick killing…. That is not a sustainable ongoing business practice, and can very easily tarnish us all as scam artists…

So keep your hat White and stay inside the rules… it is actually easier than trying to work out what you can get away with all the time ….much easier..


Take Care



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  1. Exactly Steve.
    If you get your account suspended it is a mission to get it unsuspended. I got my google account suspended a few years ago when a newbie. Just recently have been going through the process to get it sorted.
    Best idea play by the rules. things are then easier.
    I know getting to know the rule is boring and time consuming but nowhere near as hard and frustrating as trying to get an account unsuspended

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      You got it Robbie, I actually think the Black Hatters enjoy being bad sometimes 😉 but It is a pain having to sort it out, and having 35 sites sandboxed would be a real pain
      Steve G

  2. Great article Steve I wish more companies were as ethical as Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts
    Academy. Would be a lot better for the online marketing business in general

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Oh Jon wouldn’t it just … but at least we can filter out the get rich quick brigade with our awesome back office team and the interview process 😉

  3. Me too I don’t understand that white hat and black hat ’till now so I’m thankful I read your article. Haha. By the way, great article Steve!

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Cheers yes it strange isn’t it It seems such a silly thing I never asked the question for ages! Take care
      Steve G