September 16, 2021

Faith In Human Nature – Restored

hand upWell confirmed more than restored… I had one of those silly forgetful days today, it doesn't happen often, but today it did.

I had a great skype call with Anna, and we got lots sorted.

I was then frustrated with connection problems and so went out to buy an Opal Card ( travel pass in Sydney ) so I could go up to Bondi Junction to do some shopping in the big Westfield Centre there ( Boy, it is Big!) I just needed a few bits and bobs of clothes and other stuff … look that really doesn't matter…


The Bus Pass Shop – Stupidity

I went to my local newsagent to buy my Opal Card, and wanted to load $60.00 onto it, but in my moment of indecision could not decide to pay by cash or card… I eventually paid by card in case I got lost and needed a cab home…

Well it appears that I left the cash from my wallet on the counter…

Don't ask me how … I have no idea or even a recollection of taking it out…

So I am walking up the street to catch a bus, not a care in the world, apart from locating the right bus stop to get to Bondi Junction.

Mr Forgetful

worzel-gummidge-350x350It was about now in the whole day that I realised I had put my forgetful head on. I stopped for a drink of water, and realised that I had left my bottle nicely cooling in the fridge!

Ah well top up of sunscreen… don't mind if I do… ahhhh back at the house…

Eventually got to the bus stop to see the back of the 355 disappearing up the street!

Bu88er it!  Right sod this being sensible I am getting a cab, looked in my wallet to double check I had cash for the fare….


I hate to tell you where my thoughts went, but the feeling of trust built up between my host and I evaporated.

I could not believe that … I really could not. Would not… Not a chance, we got on so well, no I would not accept that and tried to banish the thought from my mind …. I must have dropped it…

So, retrace my steps and see if I could find it

Enter Sherlock

Just as I started to retrace my sorry steps to see if I had dropped the cash on the ground… ( like it would still be there! … Mutter … Grumble  … Curse! %$£@**% ) I received a text message….From my college friend I had spent Sunday with…

“Steve, call Rosie, on Sydney 123456 … you left some cash there!”

Who the hell is Rosie? How did she get hold of my friend in Sydney?… The only person  who had my number who knew I was even here!

Apparently along with $150 I left a club receipt from our sunday trip out.

Melinda's Hubby, Pete, had signed me into a beach club, and I had left the receipt with the cash.

The girl in the newsagent had phoned the club with that receipt number. The Club phoned Pete, who phoned Mel who sent me a text…

I phoned Rosie, she said yes I have your cash, so I walked the 2 miles back to the store, to be re-united with my dosh!

Rosie would take nothing for her good deed, so I nipped next door and got her some flowers, she was completely embarrassed, but I had to do something.

So… yes My faith in human nature is confirmed … people will do the right thing, most of the time…

I have never been let down by my faith in others,

I only ashamed to admit that I had actually thought that anyone could have helped themselves… Sorry but I could not imagine any other explanation… part from the obvious stupidity spasm so often associated with the Englishman abroad!


all the best from Sydney


Take Care




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