June 16, 2019

I’m Only A … Not Any More

That phrase has done more damage than any gun, knife or derisive remark…

No one can put you down as easily as you can do it to yourself…

I'm only a Truck Driver!

Really? Tell that to the people who call you Dad.

Tell it to your friends, who know you. Tell it to the person who you pulled exhausted from the lake on Sunday, when they finally realised that they were sailing in conditions far beyond their comfort zone and way above their skill level … I'm Only A Truck Driver?

I'm Only A Truck Driver – Who Understands The Rules

Hardly… Is that how you see yourself? I'm only a …………! Fill in The blanks… Let's just think about the statement for a minute though, even if you are only a … … …. . . . . whatever you do. Do not underestimate your value… As a Professional driver, I have huge responsibilities to myself, to my company to my customers and not least to other people I share the highways with…

  • I have to be able to plan my days,
  • Organise my load so it comes off the vehicle in the right order,
  • and when parts of the load are delivered,  the remaining load must still be secure and distributed over the axles in a way that keeps the vehicle safe …

Don't think EVER that you can get away with this by the way…

How many of you are aware that most motorways and A roads are now fitted with scales that can weigh trucks as they pass over at speed, and tell if the load distribution is legal, if the load exceeds the axle weights or not… believe me when the police stop you and say … “do you know the front axle maximum load weight of this vehicle Driver?” … they are not shooting the breeze, they have stopped you because you have committed an offence, they have the evidence, and they are just starting the discussion to get an idea of just how professional you are.

I have to work out driving breaks for time-driven, and hours worked.

Both can be the same on long-distance work, but on multi-drop driving time can make up only 3 hours in a 9 hour day, but you have to manage your time and KNOW exactly where you stand legally re your breaks.

Driving with insufficient rest is now considered to be so dangerous, that enforcement officers will now always prosecute. Add To This, The fact that 90% of vehicles are now tracked, by the fleet operators, giving empirical evidence of road speed, location, revs, gear selection, and the old days of freedom and the open road has gone…

Then we go and look at the loads I carry .. Mixed Chemicals and lab equipment…

Well, there is a recipe for disaster… I have chemicals that are dangerous when wet, next to oxidisers, next to temperature critical items stored in Poly Pot ice boxes Freezing cold sometimes down to minus 30 … so when they are sittiI'm Only A ...ng in the back of the load bay all day … what happens,,, they become damp through condensation which wets the dangerous when wet which spontaneously combusts … adjacent to this is the oxidiser which when exposed to heat enriches the atmosphere with copious amounts of oxygen … so flames burn brighter and hotter, and then all the flammables go whoosh… add in the caustics and irritants = Major disaster  …

Forget Bunsfield and some noodle using a phone…

I am talking everyday disaster avoidance because this bloke who after all is “Only a Truck Driver” Keeps you all safe…..with proper load segregation, and making sure that his load is secure…. You Know people say “Only a this or only a that…” but you think of the Tractor Driver…

I know how frikin annoying….. You are pouring down a dual carriageway and suddenly, hold up… Farmer Jim is moving feed for his livestock… be Grateful farmer Jim has

  • Secured his load
  • Kept to the speed limits to maintain the balance of the vehicle.
  • Strapped his load securely to the trailer
  • Made sure the temperature is stable

Hold on a minute… we seem to be starting a bit of trend here… I'm only a truck driver, only a tractor driver… what about only a storeman, (The Job would not get done without the stores being in the right place at the right time) Only a cleaner… I am reminded of the story, may even be an urban myth, of an American President chatting to a cleaner at NASA, the guy had the biggest brush ever and he pushed it all day… but when the President asked what he was doing the cleaner proudly said I am helping to put the first man on the moon…

Now you may snigger at that, you may snort derisively … how can this janitor really believe that … well, without going into the nitty gritty … imagine the state of NASA without cleaners. They would not get a roman candle off the ground safely if the place was filthy it would cause a fire on the ground and destroy the place… so without even the most menial of tasks being performed the end goal would not be achieved.

Now we do not all put the first man on the moon… but I bet what you do is a lot more than “Just Drive a Truck”, I bet what you deliver keeps others in work. Even if you deliver groceries into a supermarket…

I heard a frightening statistic the other day that for every single load delivered by truck it takes something like 675 individual car trips to take it away from the store… how many peoples lives do you impact… how many people cannot survive without you?

I am not talking about the lives you have a major impact on in your hobbies, or family life…

I am saying Take Credit for the lives you impact every day, the other road users you keep safe, the customers you supply, the Boss you get out of trouble by going the extra mile… Only A ….. ……. No such thing as Only A… ….

When you stop and take stock of the impact you really do have on other peoples lives you will start to realise how much you matter, and how you can do things that you did not think possible…

I Found People Who Saw Beyond The Badge – Only A Truck Driver

I found people who gave me the chance to look at what I was capable of …

I am now doing the same for you… I am here to help you overcome the self-limiting belief you hold about yourself, and I am prepared to work with you to help you achieve the dreams beyond those that hold you back … when you say But I am Only a Truck Driver/bus driver/joiner /farmer/builder/ whatever you are that you think of like a stereotype that precludes you from becoming more…

I can help you break free form those shackles that till now have kept you working for someone else, exchanging time for money.

It Doesn't have to be like that.

You can design your own lifestyle

I'm Only A “Fill In Your Job” – But, My Lifestyle Is Now My Choice

Over the last few years, I have made an incredible investment in myself. I was sick and tired of “I'm only A Truck Driver
  • I wanted More, I needed to do something about it. I committed countless hours, most of my savings, and traded family and vacation time to self-education.
  • I Invested in me, I am not sure who said it, but the guy who said “The Money You spend to put Stuff In Your Head, is the Best Money You Will Spend” was right.
  • I looked for the best of the best leaders online who could teach me the skills.
  • I needed to be able to write my own paycheck and become financially independent online.
  • I wanted to design my own lifestyle.
Have I arrived, not quite – but, I am proud today to say that no longer do I feel invisible. I am a leader who gets to help people who are struggling, just as I was. I get to share with them the hope and excitement that can only come from freeing yourself from the job that limits and binds us to the lifestyle we never would have chosen for our future…

If You want to find out how I broke free and started having a real self-image of just how much I was capable of … then fill in your name and email address just over in the sidebar and I will get some information straight to you … or if you would prefer a quick chat, with someone who will actually listen to YOU … Then Fill in this appointment scheduler and we can have a chat on skype…or just click the banner at the bottom. I Look forward to hearing from you

Take Care

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  1. Pete Harris says

    Great post Steve. Everybody is valuable to themselves and others. Look deep and believe.

    Hope you have enjoyed the first 2 days of the rest of your life.



  2. As always your article is very inspiring. This is a kind of article that beginners and people who wants to change their lives should read. Job well done Steve!

  3. Steve, you write such inspiring blog articles. I always enjoy reading them.
    Cheers to you and the mindset you’ve developed!