April 14, 2021

The Last Drop

the last drop villageThe Last Drop was a favourite hangout of mine back in the late 70's, a cool pub / nightclub on the outskirts of Bolton.

I even had a pewter tankard from there with a picture of the Hang-mans noose engraved on the glass bottom, for a 21st birthday present!

How times change! I can imagine the short shrift I would get if I tried to give any of my offspring a pewter tankard!  Let alone do it for a 21 st. Present!


So why am I talking about the last drop today?


Because Today …I Quit

Now that isn't something you will hear me say often if at all… however when I say I quit, I mean, I quit my JOB!


I am no longer employable, I no longer need to give my employer ( er Former Employer) 5/7's of my life in exchange for just enough money to get to the next paycheck with…


I have been trading time for money for most of my life, and today I stopped doing that. I have the right skills to allow me to work smart and leverage my time using the internet, so that I can stay at home, get fit and learn to fall in love with my wife all over again…


First thing tomorrow I will be in the swimming pool doing my first mile of many. I will come home and do 1500 metres on the rowing machine. Have a healthy breakfast, then look at Dogs.

My working day will be very busy, but very focused. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be starting living my life on my own terms…

You Have To Set The Goal – To Make Things Happen

Do not think for a moment that this has happened at the drop of a hat, it hasn't.

I set a goal back in January this year to leave my job on the 21st of September. I failed by 50 days… not bad over 360 … but do you know what, I made it happen eventually.

I just ground it out, and kept on going…


fj54So why “The Last Drop” ?  Well as a multi-drop delivery driver for the last 10 years or more… The very last delivery was special. I gently nudged FJ into the gates, and walked the last box into the goods received office…

I would love to say that a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders… but to be honest I did not feel any different.

Even now sitting in my home office and writing this, I still do not feel any different.

I think because to make the goal a reality, I had to believe it as though it had already happened, create that feeling feeling of relief within me to make it so, so long ago, that actually I have been living as though I was free for the last 6 months… I was living as though it was a done deal, and all I had to do was the work and it would be inevitable.

 What Does Personal Freedom Mean To You

And so it was

nooseThe Last Drop is completed, not as serious as the Noose, and a final drop that leads to personal freedom…


Far less scary…

But What About You

Can you imagine your last day of work? Can you believe that it is possible?

I struggled with my belief, I have to be honest.

BUT I figured out that If I believed my mentors and followed their advice, putting the mind set training into place that they really believed in… what was the worst that could happen…

It may not work, and I would have to stay at work until I was 67 … that was happening anyway…

What if what they were telling me would work … could work? DID work though? What if I could save 10 years? Wouldn't that be worth it? An awful lot of what if's but think for a moment What if?

I reckoned it would… I actually saved 12 years, and if you think of the reduction in stress, add to that the new exercise regime, I reckon long term I will have saved a lot more than 12 years …


But what if you're reading this and you are just finishing University, or your apprenticeship, or you are in your 30's with your first child in your lap and you have too much month and not enough money? Or you are in your late 40's even your 50's thinking you are just too old It will never work for me ….

Can it work for you?

Well I can honestly say, If you put the work in, yes it can.

But will you? Will you do what it takes?

I am going to offer you the exact same video training that got me started …

Click here 

In exchange for your email address I will send you a series of 7 videos that will introduce you to my mentors…Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross…

Is that it? I hear you say

Here is The Challenge  … when you have finished the last video, and when you are sitting there about to complete your application form…

I want you to email me  steve@steve-greenhalgh.com  book a call … and be prepared to tell me why I should work with you.

We can arrange a free 1/2 hour skype call… and you can tell me why you are special and why you deserve me to take my time and train you.

YOU MUST WATCH ALL & VIDEOS FIRST THOUGH… I will know if you haven't.


So … I Look forward to hearing from you soon


But I also really look forward to celebrating with you when you hit “The Last Drop ”
Take Care



Sometimes You Have To Quit…. Check out this Brendon Buchard Video …

Why To Quit!


It may be messy…. but believe me…


It Is Worth It


  1. Hey isn’t it crazy that I like your style of writing and you think mine is not too bad? Wow…what all these baby boomers getting into? 🙂 🙂 😀

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      That, Jerawan, is the crux of Attraction Marketing, get people to Know Like And TRUST you and they will happily become your customer

  2. This is a great blog Steve. These days it’s important to have a mentor that will guide and take you to the right path. It feels great to live life on your own terms! (y)

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Thank you … yes you need mentors, but at some point We have to step out and do what it takes

  3. Well done Steve. Sometime you just don’t make your goals by the date set but when you keep going you will get there just like you did only 50 day longer.

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Thanks Robbie… If You Aim for the Moon and miss you are going to reach the stars…. Thanks for the feedback