April 14, 2021

You Need Money – To Make Money

you-need-money-300x119I bet you have heard that before right? Normally the poor mans excuse why he stays poor. If You stay poor you throw away the right to make your lifestyle choice.

The most common result of that phrase being thrown at people …You need money to make money, is that people then assume that by leveraging some one else's money … borrowing, and chucking that at the problem you can get round the lack of funds…Nothing could be further from the truth…

If You have money then sure use it, but honestly I would strongly recommend that you do not borrow. You will only shift the problem, and give some else the luxury of lifestyle choice, using your repayments!

Work hard and work smart , save what you do have by going without, and amass a little capital of your own, start with that…make money on line, it is achievable, you need a system, determination, and a goal. Why not design your lifestyle choice.

You Need Money To Make Money

not really, you need an idea whose time has come, and you need time to develop that idea.Even if it is some one else idea… When you have that clarity of thinking, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Now I can hear people every where saying I am cut right back to the bone, there is nothing else I can save. I can't find a room to put the pot, let alone find the pot to … well you get the idea. The Thought of an on line business of lifestyle choice seems remote, but right now… now is the time, the Digital Gold Rush is starting

Look I know times are tough out there. I also know they are not getting better. If You want to get out from under you are going to have to do it for yourself I'm afraid, the old job dependancy is growing frailer and frailer. Wages in real terms are getting worse, and in reality the lower  to middle income earners are getting less of the pie each week.

I saw a Jay Kubassek share recently as shown below in the video…

Pretty scarey stuff, right. So how does having money get you out? Well it doesn't, and borrowing money from the top end of the scale just cripples you as the guys up there do not want you anywhere near them, so they use their cash to stifle everyone elses growth…

You Need Money To Make Money – Winners Find A Way

Look I know that even 4300 dollars to get you out from under, when under is really tough, seems impossible. But if you are serious, and have a big enough reason why, and a belief in yourself, then you can accomplish pretty much anything…

You Need Money To Make Money – I Wouldn't Have Looked Twice

I can give you a real world example, I have referred to her story before… back in the Amway days, when I was working the business really hard, driving depth, as I had been taught. I turned up to do a plan at a tower block in the centre of Birmingham in the UK. In The Jewelry quarter… look I do not want to go into graphic details, but the apartment was one of those where you wipe your feet on the way out! The female partner had shot up just before I arrived and was collapsed in the bedroom, The male was sitting in his vest with nothing on his feet… I was about to turn right round and run away, when the doorbell rang.

In came this drab, brow beaten woman, she was not particularly clean, and didn't look all that smart. I really wanted to just to get out of there, but something made me stay and go through the motions.

I did a presentation that normally lasted an hour and thirty minutes in under 35 minutes. Was packing up my pad and paper when This single woman said, can I have some more information like you promised. I looked at her and thought “If I give her a follow up pack, that is like £10 down the drain”… I said …”yes sure”. I rummaged through my tools and found a couple of tapes featuring some of the most successful women in the business at the time, A young naval officer who built the business on her own and Bill O Brien's wife.I made the appointment to go back and see her. Then got the flock outta there …I cursed my own stupidity all the way home…. what a wasted night…

Well to cut a long story short, That single Mum, was ready for me two nights later, she had washed, got on her best ( all be they very old and worn) clothes, and she was armed with reams of questions all written out neatly.

You Need Money To Make Money – No You Need To Know Why

She knew what she wanted…Lifestyle choice… At that time the start up cost of Amway was £70.00 for the kit… she didn't have anywhere near that,but she had heard Sharon on the tape saying that she would allow people to sell the products to get the money together. I had never done this before as it was slightly outside the terms of business. But she was so determined and felt she could sell enough product to get her sign up kit sorted, I didn't have the heart to say no and lent her 5 brochures, and an order pad. I also made her book two meetings.

To Cut a very long story short, That broke single mum of 5 … YES 5 kids ( Her husband had died and left her with nothing except the children) Went pearl in under 6 months.

No Look to those of you that do not know the Amway pins be assured that she was earning between £25 and £30k. she got her £70 start up money the day after follow up meeting, she signed up the night of her first house meeting, the rooms were crammed tight each night for her first two house meetings, and there were people who couldn't get in that made up another two. I had to call upon my upline to help there was just so many meetings to do.

 When The Dream is Big Enough – The Facts Do Not Count

Folks she didn't have a £1 to spare when I met her, but she found a way..I could have walked away that first night… why I didn't I will never know… well may be the saying about seeds in apples*, or you just never know where the road will take you , diamonds are found in the darkest of rocks. I do not know… I am just pleased for her, that I did.

But what does all this prove… well squat I suppose, unless you take the core messages.

  •  If you want something badly enough, you will just do what it takes.
  •  Never prejudge any one or anything.
  • Do you need money to make money? NO!

Wow that turned into a bit of a rant sorry. Went of at a tangent there, sorry . I hope you managed to keep up, and that it helped you address some or any of the challenges you may be facing.

You Need Money To Make Money – It Helps To Make Lifestyle choice

Look, I cannot wave a magic wand or sprinkle woffle dust over you and tomorrow you wake up wealthy… if that is what you are looking for on the internet, you will I am afraid be looking for a very long time… or become very disillusioned very quickly, and broke from all the schemes that you buy into..

At the Six Figure Mentors, and the Digital Experts Academy, we do not ever promise to make you rich overnight, or ever actually. What we promise and DELIVER, every time, is an education platform that will take you from where ever you are right now, to a place where you can control your own economy. We give you the skills you need to market,and make money on line. The business model for you to market and these skills are transferable to any other business, and this therefor makes you a far more valuable, and hugely increase your earning potential for life.

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* any one can count the seeds in an apple… No one can count the apples in a seed!

You Need Money To Make Money. If You make Money On Line You get the lifetsyle choice


  1. If you want to make money, you will have to invest for it. I think the best idea is that you should invest in learning.