September 16, 2021

Outsourcing Wow – Never Done That!

pay off a mortgage earlyOutsourcing? In My Internet Business?

No Chance …Thats what I thought when I heard Stuart Ross advise me to try outsourcing … outsource what I couldn't do in the early days of my SFM Training. I was a bit tough to get through to in the beginning… look if you can leverage your time you can pay of a mortgage early… would that not be worth it?

I joined the The Six Figure Mentors recently, I was looking to find an alternative way to increase my income. I am at the wrong end of 40, have had a couple of double whammies recently with my pension provision. Look I was seriously looking. I wanted to build an internet business, to enable me to work from my lorry in the early days, and then from just about anywhere in the world when it grew.I did a lot of research, and found an awful lot of hype out there, but in amidst all that I found Stuart Ross, and Kay Kubassek just as they were building out The DEA …

Well I liked what I saw, kept an open mind, and took more information, and lo and behold,

here I am an Elite member of the SFM. Visit The Six Figure Mentors – Community

Within The SFM Stuart has set up a training system, that is an invaluable asset, a step by step pathway that has been laid out. It is not technically overly challenging, but I have to admit I was a bit swamped with information…. until I found the pause button!

What a relief, I got control of the training, I got control of the videos, I got control.

I set up my Aweber account, followed the advice from Stuart and got all my links sorted.

During all this training I heard Stuart recommend outsourcing. I didn't think I heard him properly… Stop:Rewind:Play: OUTSOURCE Work… pay some one $20's to do jobs that either you can't do or that when you do, it takes so long, and then looks so amateur, that you really don't know why you bothered!

Well I had been struggling to get my Mug shot installed up there on the header of this site. No big Deal I hear you say… well no may be not….. but when ever I tried to insert the Jpeg Image I wanted to, it wiped out the entire header and all you could see  was my nose hair…. hmmm so I left it… Then I put a picture up there I was proud of, an early morning scene of rowers in Oxford… Looked fabulous, all very misty and ethereal… but what it had to do with me or my brand… well not a great deal… but it “looked” Pretty!

Well Having heard Stuart say AGAIN,about outsourcing, put it into a cost per hour process and felt that I was costing SG far too much in faff time… so I put an add on Elance , went through 8 submissions, Picked one, and 20 hours later I had the new banner installed…All For less than $25….

It may well be That I will rejig this entire web site, it may be I'll never touch it again, but I'll guarantee you, I will outsource the work, have it done properly, and save days of precious time faffing around with software that I don't really want to  get better using!

hey If you can, DO, but if you are like me! Hey,Pay some one to do it properly, you are not going to break the bank, you are redistributing your wealth, to people who really need it, and it leaves you free to get on and make some proper Money!

Thanks to Stuart Ross for the training and the I Hope I have jogged your memory about outsourcing, I hope that you will come and join us at the SFM



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