April 14, 2021

The Platinum Effect

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It wasn't that long ago that I attended my first Platinum event with The Digital Experts Academy

We were in Heathrow, for nearly 5 days… And Boy did I have massive Light Bulb Moment …

To be more specific the lights came on over one person in Heathrow that weekend… ME.

That Platinum Branding Workshop, was a huge turning point for me   you will have heard of people having ahha moments, well I had a biggy.

I was attending this Platinum Branding Course, it will deliver a new website, pictures, straplines etc etc … Literally, the brand Steve-Greenhalgh.com was crystallised, determined, honed and polished, and during the choosing of the picture for the top banner… I had my moment.

We had a professional photographer in doing the work excellent job he did too, he really did get the best out of people. A true skill, any way I did not like the picture the group picked for me. I was not allowed any input you see It was important that we present ourselves as the people who know us see us … not how we perceive ourselves…

Platinum Branding- It Is Not About Me!

I hated my picture, but the room were determined that it was the right one…OK may be I am not how I see myself…

This is the point… if you try to be who you think people want to see, you fail, or the act does not last…. You can never fake it. I had spent 5 very happy days with people who know me.They identified the picture that best represents the real me… so be prepared.

The SFM / DEA – We Are A Success Incubating Community, Know Yourself

I actually made a point at the end of the day about knowing Jay Kubassek, and Stuart Ross, and how they are not just putting on an act… no one can be “on” for that long… well after the reaction to my picture, I realised that may be I was trying to be some one I wasn't.

Now it was at this point that Guy Ferdman stood up and pointed out what many of us have a tendency to do… you know, when you hear some one saying good things about you… you have that inner voice saying … “yes but if you really knew me you wouldn't think that”… well my little voice disagreeing with my peers has been left behind at The Crowne Plasa…

The BIg Four Teach about Digital marketing


Platinum and The Little Bit of Gold I was able to be part of were truly awesome events. The content was brilliant, the environment was special, but the contact with the like minded people just makes these Digital Marketing events, the special times that they are.

Digital Marketing – A learnable Skill, Yes, But So Much More

Stuart & Jay have exceeded their promise, the value has certainly exceeded my expectation, I know Daniel Wagner is good, but his team were working miracles, Our team The Platinum Team For October 2013 were absolutely cooking on gas, our work ethic stunned, our achievement level was extraordinary, and you will not believe the results that we will be delivering in the next 6 to 12 months…

Friendships and business alliances forged in the last three days, may well have been smelted in a platinum furnace, they will endure time and adversity….

Draw a line in your calendar, and watch what happens from now… The Digital Experts Academy, has reached out of the ground, the foundations are secure, you can just see the first signs of the real thing emerging slowly from the ground…. make No mistake … progress is progress, slow steady gets the job done properly every time

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whatever way you are comfortable  do not put off creating your financial security a moment longer…

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  1. Thank You Steve! Yes, everyone is Authentic within the SFM/DEA and the amount of time a week we spend with Stuart, Jay, Guy Ilan and the rest of the community, you couldn’t fake that, no way!!
    I love how I feel a closeness to the lads and lass’s, like family I love!