April 14, 2021

Sydney At Last – Goal Setting Works

Sydney Opera HouseLong ago before the birth of my children, or even my marriage… I came to the other side of the world… I let a job as a hotelier go. I was determined that I would see the world and live…

So I took a job in Papua New Guinea.

Luckily we missed the connection from Singapore to Port Moresby, and I had an enforced stay over in Sydney, I fell in love.

Harbour Living

I fell in love with the parks, the water, the … look I like Sydney ok… I particularly love the sailing….

RMW MarineMy distant cousins Rob & Peter Greenhalgh were one time 18ft skiff champions down here in RMW Marine… it is in the blood.

SFM / DEA Momentum Day and Workshops

So when I realised that The SFM and DEA were coming down here for Momentum day and Gold and Platinum Training. I Knew I was coming… I did not know how, or even if I would be able to take time from work… But I set the goal …

I knew I wanted to be here early to get my body over Jet Lag.

I knew I wasn't coming all this way for a 5 day visit.

I knew I would have no holiday left …. So some big changes had to be made to allow this to happen.

How do you make something like this happen?

#1 Write it down

#2 Work out from the Point of departure to Australia what needs to be in place.

#3 Sit back and watch it happen…       Er No …

#3 Work your ass off, GET the bloody work done to make it possible…

I set this goal as soon as the dates were released, back in January 2014,

In fact I set a  series of goals

for leaving Fisher ( My former employer ) on the 21st September 2014.

  • Income levels
  • work achievements
  • sales volumes
  • hours worked
  • family time
  • time for reflection
  • weekly mentoring calls
  • everything laid out

This would then give me time to sort stuff out before leaving for Australia…. and make sure that I was completely secure.

Did it all go according to plan?


Did I have to reschedule, and juggle….


Did I hit all my target dates bang on as predicted?


But do you know what? I never let that stop me… And The biggest lesson I learned is that perfection is an illusion…


The perfect plan I laid out was merely a guide… you know like in The Pirates Of The Caribbean, Where they talk about the law of Parley… well it is more guidelines than strict law… and so the setting of a long term goal proved to be…


The Importance Of A Mentor

I cannot stress highly enough the importance of my weekly coaching calls with James Holmes, my Gold Business Coach accessed through the Digital Experts Academy Gold Program.

These weekly one to one sessions, kept me on track to where I wanted to go, rather than me sit and focus on where I was or even more sometimes where I wasn't. 

James has a great ability to lead your thought process in the right direction. He will not give you the answer, but will guide you to that answer, and then holds you accountable to the decisions you made.

Did I leave Fisher on the 21st of September, no, I didn't. But I was able to get there on the 11th November, and because of the nature of my contract, I had to hand in my notice the month before. So in reality the decision had to be made in good time, ready to go on the 11th October so I was not that far from goal.

The support given during those times from James was vital. I knew the decisions I was taking, and the reasoning behind them. It was great to have James there at all stages of the process.

So by having the end Goal in place I was able at all times to focus on the main outcome, and if the in between stages needed re-adjusting to bring me back on line then it was possible at the various weigh points along the lines of the journey.

Sydney Harbour

So Here I Am In Sydney

Am I staying here to have a holiday? A little, may be.

I had my time yesterday of wombling around find my way around, having my site seeing day. Revisiting Manly again by ferry, watching the boats out on the harbour. Letting my toes burn in the sand and be eased by the cool water of the Pacific Ocean.   (WOW)

But I can also get on with my work in our business.

Seeing people locally who are on our list but may be just not sure how best to proceed, probably just needing a little re-assurance that there are real people behind the screen… Certainly my time is filling up fast…

If you haven't made that appointment yet please make sure you email me for a chance of a chat even if only on skype… email steve@steve-greenhalgh.com and we can arrange a mutually convenient time … there are a few slots left… and if you know others locally then it may be that you would rather pair up at the initial meeting…


Right I need to get this published and then go and meet some good friends up at North Curl Curl …

Don't you just love it? Afternoon beach time;-) … What a great Office…


Take Care



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  1. Looks like we feel the same way Steve. I love Sydney as much as I love my Hometown, Perth. If you love sailing that much, why don’t you try going to Philippines? That country has amazing ocean to sail. I’ve been there and I fell in love.

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      The Philippines is deffo on my bucket list … but I have some time constraints this trip;-)

  2. Welcome to Sydney Steve. I did the same as you when Momentum Day was announced it was coming to Australia. I bought my ticket and promised myself that I would work my butt off to be able to walk into that room with my head held high with what I’ve accomplished. I’ve still got a fair way to go with my goals, but am truly proud with what I’ve done so far. Really looking forward to meeting you in person. Have an awesome time xx

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Hey Thanks Yvonne it is great to be back here, I love how Sydney feels. It has been like a hair shirt the desire to come back, I feel so at home here. I know this is the first trip of many, I haven’t even scratched the scratch on the surface of my exploration with this short trip, so many more are planned… You Walk in any where with your head held high, you are accomplishing loads, just by turning up you are in the top 3% … just be persistent and consistent, and it shall truly come to pass