September 16, 2021

Get To Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

Increase Your CashflowWhen I first went into business for myself, the importance of reading to improve my mindset was hammered into me… When ever I was with any one, mentor or coach…

Their first question was always … what are you reading this week?

They knew if you want to make money on line, to increase your cash flow, then mindset is crucial.

If you are serious, about building a business, you have to build people first.

You will only be able to do that if you have an array of tools at your fingertips, that you know intimately. [Read more…]

Are You A Mover Or A Howler

 Do You Want To Make Money On Line?

Mover or HowlerI have a question for you, do you want your own business?

15 or more years ago I was invited to look at an MLM business.

Not Dissimilar to an internet business, you had to stand up and be counted I guess.

It looked very well organised, the people were friendly, professional and they all looked as though they knew where they were going.

I took some information home and studied it. [Read more…]