April 14, 2021

Sydney At Last – Goal Setting Works

Sydney Opera HouseLong ago before the birth of my children, or even my marriage… I came to the other side of the world… I let a job as a hotelier go. I was determined that I would see the world and live…

So I took a job in Papua New Guinea.

Luckily we missed the connection from Singapore to Port Moresby, and I had an enforced stay over in Sydney, I fell in love. [Read more…]

Avoid Overwhelm – Get Productive

The feeling of knowing what you should be doing, but just not knowing quite where to start, is far more common than you would think.

The classic, busy fool running around, trying to do too many tasks, mastering nothing, leaving important jobs with the dust sheet over them, because you kinda know they should be completed before you move on, but you just never had the discipline, guts, or plain clear headedness to get focussed and FINISH.. [Read more…]