April 14, 2021

Pssst Do You Want To Know A Secret?

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What has this got to do with internet marketing?


It is about communication, Barbara and Allan Pease are the best at interpreting body language, does this matter when you work online?

Yes because how you stand /sit and present yourself even over skype can affect the impact of your words

How you listen will impact heavily on how your message is received.

Body Language and all communication is at the core of everything we do [Read more…]

The Last Drop

the last drop villageThe Last Drop was a favourite hangout of mine back in the late 70's, a cool pub / nightclub on the outskirts of Bolton.

I even had a pewter tankard from there with a picture of the Hang-mans noose engraved on the glass bottom, for a 21st birthday present!

How times change! I can imagine the short shrift I would get if I tried to give any of my offspring a pewter tankard!  Let alone do it for a 21 st. Present!


So why am I talking about the last drop today? [Read more…]

You Need Money – To Make Money

you-need-money-300x119I bet you have heard that before right? Normally the poor mans excuse why he stays poor. If You stay poor you throw away the right to make your lifestyle choice.

The most common result of that phrase being thrown at people …You need money to make money, is that people then assume that by leveraging some one else's money … borrowing, and chucking that at the problem you can get round the lack of funds…Nothing could be further from the truth…

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Bill Gates2Success, wow what a complex subject… is it a number? Is it a bank balance?

Hard to know… I do like the ‘Bill Gates' quote…

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose! [Read more…]

Making Changes – Six Easy Steps to Lasting Change

125x125_4I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction …

and the idea that what you think about most, what you really focus on, is what you get.

Or to quote someone much wiser than I,

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” (Norman Vincent Peale) [Read more…]

The Platinum Effect

platinum-member Learn About Digital Marketing

It wasn't that long ago that I attended my first Platinum event with The Digital Experts Academy

We were in Heathrow, for nearly 5 days… And Boy did I have massive Light Bulb Moment …

To be more specific the lights came on over one person in Heathrow that weekend… ME.

That Platinum Branding Workshop, was a huge turning point for me   you will have heard of people having ahha moments, well I had a biggy.

I was attending this Platinum Branding Course, it will deliver a new website, pictures, straplines etc etc … Literally, the brand Steve-Greenhalgh.com was crystallised, determined, honed and polished, and during the choosing of the picture for the top banner… I had my moment.

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Frustrated Yet?

Good Morning, ever got into a place where you are thrashing about, knowing what you should be doing, but actually doing nothing…Spinning your wheels but going no where.

frustration1-150x150Frustration is so corrosive,

I have been working my internet marketing business's really hard since last September, and really kicking some ass, making things happen…

Then I kind of ground to halt, mid February I think.

I knew what I should be doing, to make money on line, but I was stuck waiting for one company to produce some thing we had ordered.

This will be the ultimate in lead generation, and we have been working on it since mid December.

The fact it is not yet launched is frustrating, and frustration is so corrosive. [Read more…]

Boomer Or Bust?

baby boomersA baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964…

The Demographic goes on to describe these boomers as people with high disposable income, jobs for life, with excellent final salary pensions….Boomer or Bust, Living a laptop lifestyle?

[Read more…]

Teaching A Pig To Sing

Never Teach a Pig To Sing

It Frustrates you, and annoys the Pig! I said that last night, in a bid to encourage people on a hang out, to get off the fence. I wasn't meaning to be rude, just trying to use an analogy to highlight the frustrations that internet marketers feel, when 1000's of people they email every day,  do nothing except read the emails…

I suppose it is good they open them and read them… half the people I email don't even do that. They  must be attracted by the title, or the headline. Or may be it is the senders name… I know that does it for me, If I get an email from Stuart Ross, or Jay Kubassek I always open it. The same if I get something from one of my inner circle colleagues. Four Musketeer Messages go straight to the top of the pile…. NB Internet Marketers,  building trust is vital  [Read more…]

7 Myths That Stop The Over 50’s Building a Digital Life

boomers on beachSo, You are over 50, you have a good job, your life is balanced as far as you can make it so…

On the Mr Macawber scale of:-

Income = £20  Expenditure = £19/6d Happy…..

You are Happy even though expenditure might well squeak up to £19/11pence ha'penny… and on some months even £20.00, but yes just about happy…

You have even put aside some savings. You have a few thousand in Premium bonds as that chap on the radio said the returns are better than the banks right now. ( Although in 4 years you have had one prize of £30 so you are not yet convinced)

Your eldest Daughter is in a strong steady relationship, and although you really want to do the right thing, you are secretly hoping that she rejects the traditional marriage and would rather live in sin…

In fact she has told you this on several occasions, and although you snort derisively, muttering darkly about modern youth and deplorable behaviour… inside you are so relieved that you have sired a hippy, and would secretly rather give her your savings to put on a house than “waste” the money on a big wedding! [Read more…]