September 16, 2021

Goal Setting For Beginners

On my way out to Tesco this morning I had the urge…

So I sat down in front of the computer and recorded this [Read more…]

The Nearly Man – No More

The Nearly Man? So close, but NO Cigar, have you, like me, worked your ass off, trained,fought tooth and nail, to get to the winners circle, covered in the grime of the fight, the sweat stains on your back, the streaks of blood trickling down your face, as the battle scars start to congeal.

Then on the final approach to victory,  out of no where some squall blows up and knocks you off course literally in the last 100 metres?

The Nearly Man

You flounder in the water, surrounded by broken dreams, whilst the fleet of boats that you were leading, confidently, with that unassailable lead, sails over the top of you, and you thrash around in the water, slowly recovering to a crap 7th overall …. The Nearly Man strikes …. In Business, In Sport, In Life…Nearly a winner, Nearly successful, Nearly, So Damned Close but never quite making it! [Read more…]