November 27, 2021

Get To Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

Increase Your CashflowWhen I first went into business for myself, the importance of reading to improve my mindset was hammered into me… When ever I was with any one, mentor or coach…

Their first question was always … what are you reading this week?

They knew if you want to make money on line, to increase your cash flow, then mindset is crucial.

If you are serious, about building a business, you have to build people first.

You will only be able to do that if you have an array of tools at your fingertips, that you know intimately.

Get To Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

To be quite frank, this harping on about reading, what I was reading,what I was listening to, why it was important?

It really got on my nerves… not a little bit, IT Really Ticked me off….

What is The Importance of these tools? I want to make money on line not start a library.

I enjoy reading. I would read in bed at night, as a kid ( It stopped tomorrow coming!) I spent hours reading Enid Blyton, The Adventure series,… Arthur Ransome's  Swallows & Amazons, I loved this it brought my head to life, boats, adventure, everything I wished my life could be.

Tapes, Videos, of course who doesn't have a huge library of tapes… yes but all this spoken word stuff… a bit of Sabbath, maybe, some Deep Purple … Yay … anything as long as it is loud,and thumping!

Get To Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

As I grew older the Books grew with me, but how would this help me build a business… well obviously it wouldn't…

 If You Want To Make Money On Line – Change Your Mindset

What should I have been reading…

Books like ” The Magic of Thinking Big” Or Napoleon Hills ” Think & Grow Rich”

Books that help you build a good attitude, to books that help you interact with people, how to win friends and influence people,how to understand your partner, how to build your list, how to how to how to how to think!....

I didn't need this!

If You Want To Increase Your Cash Flow – Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

My Attitude was “what do I need this for?”, I couldn't see the benefits…..I didn't need to be improved! …

It was only when the guy I was working with asked what book I would recommend to help a new lady in our business…

I couldn't ‘tell' her what to do, I needed a set of tools to help Heather, …

Paul ( The guy I was working with ) said what have you read that can help here, well it obviously wasn't going to be Swallows and Bloody Amazons!

Luckily ( For Heather anyway) Paul was an avid reader, he had a tool kit at his finger tips, he was able to put a couple of books in Heathers hands, and a tape that really helped her.

Heather faced her challenges, overcame them, and grew in stature, and went on to build an Emerald Business. She overcame her Challenges as a direct result of the two books that Paul had suggested.HINT, Get To Know The Tools in Your Tool Box!

If You Are Going To Help People – You Need To Know Your Tools

What if I hadn't been working with Paul, …

well for Heather, she wouldn't have had the input she needed, she probably wouldn't have changed her thinking and her business would have failed…

and it would have been down to My Arrogance, I would have kept her poor… because I couldn't be a**d to read...

Get To Know The Tools in Your Tool Box.

If you don't need the positive input …. well that is just fine…

I defy anyone working for themselves to remain upbeat indefinitely, but if you can great…

but how do you advise others, if you do not read for yourself?

If You feel that the Training Videos are beneath you, well good for you, but what about the others following you.

They may not be as strong as yourself, they may well need a lot more positive input than you do.

HINT, Get To Know The Tools in Your Tool Box!

 If You cannot help people grow through their challenges, you are not  going to build a strong on line business.

To make money on line, you need to grow people

To Make Money On Line – Know The Tools In Your Tool Box

Nowadays, our tools are more up to date, there is a whole host of information at our finger tips,

Videos on You Tube, Videos in the system.

Stuart Ross has done an incredible job on the training within The SFM.

increase your cash flowStep by Step, How To Succeed, What you need to do, when… it really is foolproof!

Do you know what, I have asked countless questions within the SFM Community…

Nine times out of ten, the answers have been held within the training videos that Stuart Ross has installed for each of us to benefit from…

But in my usual ready fire aim style I have missed the essential how to film that would answer all my questions…

Luckily there are still plenty of people around who do know the tools in their tool box, ….

I hope this blog has been of some use to you, I hope you will get to know your tools better than I did…it really is a way to boost your business.

If you seriously want to make money on line, to increase your cash flow

If You listen, learn, and then implement what those around you suggest…it really is a good way to go stratospheric, and you will really thank those tools when you get to know how to use them properly!

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If You Want To Increase Your Cash Flow – Know The Tools In Your Tool Box


  1. Mindset is crucial if you really want to make money. I agree. Great article Steve!

  2. It’s very important what you feed your mind. Great post Steve!

    • Steve Greenhalgh says

      Thank you Marc it was lesson I was slow to learn, but one I have never forgotten … thanks for your feedback… Steve

  3. This was an excellent sharing of knowledge Steve, thank you. I totally relate and could definitely learn a thing or two.